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    "I'll get it." Alfendi  said running past his mother so he can get out of their little conversation. That and he really likes being the first one to answer the door. His mother follows him watching as he darts towards the hallway to the front door. When he opens the door he finds to see Chelmey, Chelmey's wife Amelie, and Barton. At leas he's sure that’s Barton with them. He sees a short stout man holding three presents in a stack in front of his face.

    "Chelmey, do you have to make Barton carry all the gifts?" Alfendi's mother said wondering how Barton can walk anywhere without dropping anything.

    "Amelie and my present is right here." Chelmey says pointing at a white bag with a yellow ribbon on it that his wife is holding. "The ones he's holding are all his." Chelmey said in a grumpy tone.

    "Happy birthday Alfendi." Barton says tilting his head to reveal his face from the stack.

    "Alfendi, help Barton with these presents, Please." His mother told him.

    "Ok, follow me Barton." Alfendi says leading Barton towards the living room.

    "I didn't know Barton had that kind of money to spend." Alfendi's mother said knowing that buying three presents could not have been cheap.
    "He doesn't. He couldn't decide which one to get for the kid so I decided to help him by paying half. If I didn't we were never going to get out of that store he was driving me crazy." Chelmey said in frustration.
    "Apparently, Alfendi is not the only one that is getting spoiled." Amelie said to Alfendi's mother. They both started to giggle. Chelmey starts to mumble under his breath knowing what Amelie meant by that.
    While Alfendi was helping Barton place the presents on the dining room table he noticed his father was talking to someone on the telephone. He notices Alfendi and calls him over. "Oh Alfendi, there you are. Grandma and Grandpa are on the phone, they want to tell you happy birthday." His father says to him as he hands him the phone. Alfendi starts to talk to his grandparents gleefully hearing them wishing him a happy birthday. His father give him a quick pat on the head then starts walking towards the front door way to greet Chelmey and the other guests. "Mr. And Mrs. Chelmey, Barton, welcome and thank you for coming."
    "Well, apparently according to the invitation, the boy insisted that we come." Chelmey says while shaking the professor's hand.
    "Well, yes. He is very determined to handle the preparations himself this year. With a little help from Flora of course. He has also insisted I could not help in any way with the party preparations. If I didn't know any better I would have thought he was planning a surprise birthday party for me.
    "So, does that mean you already figured it out?"
    "Good, I was starting to think I missed it." Chelmey says as he heads toward the dining room, leaving the professor in a slightly confused state of mind.
    "That's odd, I wonder what he meant by that. Sheri, do you have any ideas?" The professor asked his wife.
    "There must have been something that he told him in the invitation. Alfendi did do all of them himself." She says to him even though she can probably guess by now what was written in the invitation. She decides to play along to see how much her husband was paying attention. The professor ponders for a few seconds, then says with a smile on his face.
    "There must be some kind of surprise Alfendi has planned. He probably doesn't want me to know what it is because he thinks I will spoil everything. I will do my best not to do so." Sheri look at her husband realizing that he is not even going to try figuring this one out. At this point she felt like she had to say something.
    "Look, Hershel." She was going to continue, but she was interrupted by the doorbell once again.
    ”One moment darling. Someone else is at the door." The professor says as he opens the door to see the Ascot family at their doorstep. Randall, his wife Angela, and Randall's loyal Butler Henry. Randall immediately hugs Hershel with no hesitation whatsoever.
    "Hershel, it's so good to see you." Randall says to him as he ends the hug and places his hand on Hershel's shoulder.
    "It is good to see you too my friend, welcome." Hershel replies and gives Randall a firm welcomed handshake. "It is a shame though that none of your children could come."
    "Well, you know how children are. One of them gets sick and then the rest of them start touching his things knowing that he can't do anything about it then the next day they all wake up with the flu. Angela and I practically have to quarantine the place. We are lucky to be here with our health maintained." Randall says in a joking manner.
    "I'm just glad we were able to convince Henry to come as well." Angela says to Hershel as she hands Henry her coat.
    “Actually Randall's mother convinced me to come. I didn't want to leave her by herself with the children but she seems to be handling them just fine. And she insisted there's only one child in the Ascot family that I should keep my eye on." Henry says as he looks at Randall.
    "Really? Which one?" Randall said, Hershel couldn't help but give out a small chuckle while Angela and Sheri looked at Randall with big smiles on their faces. "Oh. Ha, see Hershel I told you Henry can be amusing when he wants to be." Sheri sees that Henry is not only carrying their coats but also a gift as well. She decides to show Henry and Angela where to place their things.
    "Did you solve the puzzle yet?" Randall says to Hershel as they were following the others.
    "Randall, you just arrived. Whatever puzzle you want me to find and solve you have to wait until everyone is here." Hershel replied.
    "Its not my puzzle. Not only that, I'm surprised you haven't solved it yet it's been hidden in your house for quite some time now."
    "I see, and how do you know about this?"
    "Ah-ah, that hint was free the next one is going to cost you." Randall says waving his finger in front of Hershel's face then reveals his palm as if he was waiting for some kind of payment.
    "Ah, even if I had a hint coin with me at this moment Randall, I think I'm willing to take my time on this one." After Hershel says this Sheri suddenly goes over to them and grabs Hershel's arm and starts taking him back to the doorway.
    "We need to finish our talk." Sheri says as she begins to take him away.
    "Excuse us Randall." It's all Hershel could say before he was wistfully taken away into the other room. Leaving Randall to mingle with everyone else. Once they get their Sheri begins where they left off in their conversation.
    "Hershel, Alfendi is turning nine doesn't that ring any bells?" As she says this she was interrupted by the doorbell for a third time. Sheri forms her hands to look like she was going to strangle someone or something if that doorbell interrupts her one more time. Herschel takes both her hands and places them together. Sheri takes a deep breath then looks up at Herschel feeling a little silly getting angry over a doorbell interrupting her. "I'm going to help in the kitchen. You greet the rest of the guests that are coming."
    "Yes, it will be easier to continue once everyone is here." Herschel says reassuring her. As Herschel goes to answer the door while Sheri leaves the room he did have a small moment to ponder what Sheri meant by Alfendi turning nine meant anything. If Alfendi had some sort of surprise he had planned for him he couldn't see why he need to be concerned about it, but Sheri seems to be. He wishes she would just tell him instead of leaving him feeling he has to start a in vestigation on his own son's birthday. If she really feels it's necessary for him to know she will tell him later. He doesn't want to gather information, he doesn't want to connect the dots, he just wants to enjoy his son's birthday. And the idea of his son surprising him with something that he can't help but feel it be nice to be surprised by something that's positive for a change.
    And so the months passed. Aerrow now known as Sparrow is now living his life on Cyclonia being trained by Dark Ace. Since he lost his memories he only knows what he has been told. They took him in when he was found abandoned in the wastelands when he was very young. He was, and now is becoming a skilled Talon, but before the memory loss he was kidnapped by Sky Knights and forced in a mind control experiment. They were able to save him, but not his memories.

    Now in the present day two and a half months passed since then. Sparrow finds himself standing at a attention, guarding on one of cyclonious balconies watching cargo ship slowly flying in and out of the cargo bay. It was only him and one other cyclonian guarding that spot and the boredom was starting to get to him. "Welp, I'm done." Sparrow says this as he slumps and take a step back to sit on the floor placing his staff on the rail of the balcony. The Talon next to him gave out a heavy sigh.

    "Snipe is going to ring your neck if he finds out you're slouching on the job again." The Talon warns him.

    "Why should I care. He's already out to get me. He's the one who gave me this boring guard job."  

    "That's what I mean. He's probably waiting for you to slack off so he can come up and check on you. Then he'll have more of a reason to make your life miserable."

    "I like to see him try. Just because Ace gave Snipe authority over me because he's out on one of his assignments doesn't mean he can boss me around. Besides Snipe can't even beat me in a sparring match how much authority can he possibly have over me." Sparrow says this to the Talon with a sarcastic smirk on his face. The Talon starts to give out a small chuckle well still trying to stand at attention not directly looking at Sparrow. "What?" Sparrow looks at the Talon slightly confused and a little insulted by the Talons sudden amusement towards him.

    "You can be such a brat sometimes when Aces isn't around."

    "Of course, he's the only one on this Tara that doesn't treat me like one." Sparrow says in frustration.

    "Really, but if you beat him in a match? would you think he was no different than Snipe?"

"Me? Beating Ace? There's no way I could pull that off. We spar all the time but it's not like I'll ever win any of our matches." Sparrow says this as if he was flattered and a little embarrassed by anyone thinking that could be a possibility. As they were talking Sparrow notices one of the airships Ace left in has returned and is about to dock. "Ace is home." Sparrow says in a childish manner. As he leaps to his feet and runs towards down the hallway.

    "Hey, you still have to stay at your post!"

    "Snipe can't tell me what to do anymore! Ace is back!" Sparrow shouts back not caring that his staff was left behind, but as he was running down the hall he wished he didn't. "Shoot." He said in a whisper seeing Snipe just down the hall. He tries to sneak away back hoping to find another way around, but it was too late Snipe already spotted him.

    "Sparrow! Where do you think you're going?" Snipe shouts at him. Sparrow tenses up realizing he's been caught and frustrated knowing he has to deal with him now. He turns to face him with a awkward smile and laugh.

    "Heyyyy Snipe, just heading back to my post."

    "And what good reason would you leave it in the first place?"

    "It's lunch time. I got hungry, so I went to get a donut."

    "Where is it?"

    "Where's what?"

    "The donut."

    "I ate it."

    “Really.” Snipe starts to stare him down as if he's waiting for the real answer. Despite the fact that Snipe was nearly as wide as the hallway itself Sparrow knows Snipe wasn't buying it so he tries to make a run for it. Snipe quickly grabbed him by the back of his turtleneck and lift him up.

    "Come on Snipe, Ace is back you don't have to deal with me anymore." Sparrows says as he squirms. Snipe puts him down in front of him.

    "Yeah, but until he steps on the Tara and tells me I don't need to keep an eye on you anymore I still own you kid." Snipe says as he points his finger in front of the boy's face. Sparrow was obviously angry, but can't say anything back because he was technically right. "And you know what, I think I got a new job for you." Snipe says as he points at a mop and a bucket of soap water. "Someone didn't finish mopping these halls. I want you to mop all of them from top to bottom."

    "You've got to be kidding me. Get the guy that obviously abandoned his job to do it."

    "The only Talon I see not doing his job is you. Now move it kid." Sparrow ground, but did as he was told picking up the mop and bucket and walked back the way he came. Snipe started walking back down the opposite direction feeling great knowing he showed that kid who's boss. Suddenly Snipe hears a sound that sounded like running that was heading towards him from behind. He turned around to see that it was Sparrow holding nothing but the soap water filled bucket and charging right at him. "What do yo-." Was all he could say before Sparrow launches the soapy water all over him and the floor. While Snipe was confused and fuming in anger Sparrow takes a few steps back getting ready for another sprint towards him again. Then he dives down to slide across the now slippery wet floor and slides underneath Snipe to pass him. Snipe tries to turn around to grab the boy again, but as he turns he ends up slipping and his body slams to the floor after Sparrow slips past him. Sparrow was so relieved that it worked he couldn't help himself from laughing as he continued running down the hall towards the hangar bay. But that smile quickly vanished when he heard the yelling and screaming of Snipe not too far from him. He can hear Snipe running behind him stomping towards him. Snipe wasn't very fast but Sparrow knew if he caught up to him he was done for. For every cyclone he bumped into and pushed aside snipe came up from behind them and smack them away with greater force. Sparrow knew he couldn't keep running like this he was going to catch up to him he had to come up with a shortcut. He reach one of the rails but it was too high up to make much of a difference he needed a faster way down. Then he notices that Ravess was on the same rail walking towards him.
    After cleaning himself up he puts his best suit on for the occasion he even considers brushing his red tangled mass of hair. But the second he placed the brush on his head his hairs fate was sealed within the brushes bristles. As he tries to pull the brush off his head he yells and squirms in frustration but then suddenly stops. "Calm yourself, you can solve this rationally." The boy quietly told himself, so he goes downstairs to the kitchen trying to sneak past Flora and Rosa. As Flora and Rosa walk out of the kitchen to the dining room to lay out all the silverware Alfendi starts looking through the kitchen drawers. As he was looking through them his mother entered the kitchen and sees Alfendi with a brush attached to his head.

    "Well, would you look at that, I was starting to think I would never get I brush anywhere near your head again not even a comb." His mother said slightly amused at the site but her amusement quickly stops the second Alfendi turns around and she sees him holding a pair of scissors in his right hand. "Alfendi, put those down."

    "I most certainly will. After I deal with this." He says with a hint of sarcasm while leveling the scissors closer to his hair. Before he can do any more damage, his mother grabs his wrist that was holding the scissors and extending her palm with her other hand under the scissors. Hoping he will let go of them without having to force him to so he wouldn't hurt himself. But Alfendi begins to start squirming and pulling trying to get her to let go of him but it wasn't very effective.

    "Alfendi, drop it."


    "You know what your father would say if he saw you fussing like this?"

    "A gentleman should never make a fuss. Especially in front of a lady. But I keep telling him you're not a lady you're my Ma." The boy continues to struggle but his mother was done waiting for him to willingly let go so she just takes the scissors and places them on the counter. Alfendi crosses his arms and looks down with a look of frustration on his face. His mother looks at Alfendi with her arms crossed as well and lets out a sigh. She has a small smirk on her face though, she is a little frustrated with his behavior but seeing her little boy pouting with a brush still attached to his head she couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.

  "You must be so nervous for you to be acting up like this."

    "Nervous? What would I be nervous about?"

    "I wonder. Why would you start brushing your hair? Unless you wanted to look perfect for something." The woman says trying to get her son to be honest with her. " I just wanted to look nice for the party." The boy replied trying to make sure his mother doesn't figure out what he was really planning for today. His mother takes his hand and starts walking him towards the loo. "Come on, let's go fix you up." she says as they entered the room. Once they do she grabs a comb and kneels down to her sons level and starts unknotting his strands of hair. "You know, Alfendi, I know you're planning for your father."

    "You weren't supposed to."

    "I can help you by talking to him about it."

    "This is exactly why I didn't tell you. For this plan to work I need to catch him completely off guard. I just wanted Father to see I'm capable of taking care of myself without him worrying all the time. And it's kind of hard to do that when there's a brush attached to your head!" The boy explain speaking louder as he rants. His mother just smiles as she finishes getting the brush off. She starts to brush his hair gently untangling anymore knots that the boy tried to unknot before.

    "He treats me like one of his fossils." The boy mumbled these words looking down at the floor. His mother had a look of concern on her face, she wasn't quite sure what he meant by that.

    "Alfendi, do you think your Father places some kind of value on you like an object?"

    "No. He treats me like I'm going to crumble and fall apart if a stiff wind blows my way. If he could he would dust me off and place me on a shelf so he wouldn't have to worry about me anymore." As silly as it sounds Alfendi was serious of what he said. His mother finishes brushing his hair and places her hand on his cheek so she can lift his head up to face her.

    "I see, look Alfendi. I'm not going to stop you from doing this but I am going to have a talk with him about this. Now he can come across as a little over protective but you are his baby boy and that is all he can see when he looks at you. No matter how old you get." She says hoping that would help him understand. Alfendi just rolls his eyes as if she has said something like this before. Before any more could be said the doorbell rang. "Looks like everyone is starting to arrive."
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Have you ever had a show that you actually like but you hate the fandom to the point where it ruins the enjoyment of the show? I normally wouldn't let this kind of thing get to me but this is getting ridiculous! I'm going to wait until the shows over before I attempt to get back to it again.


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